Maple Gym

As the premiere SMARTBOARD and classroom technology integrator in Oklahoma, Maple Public Schools has had a long relationship with Video Reality.   After building a beautiful new gym, Mr. Eccard needed a new audio and video system to fully utilize the space.  Superintendent Art Eccard wanted a system that would shake every bone in the body and capture every eye in the room.  

Mr. Eccard painted his vision of a room that would handle any event Maple Schools could conceive.  From plays, recitals, and graduation to earth-shaking bass for loud and rowdy basketball games, the new audio system can provide the necessary reinforcement.  Video Reality designed an audio system that included eight mid/high 3-way cabinets.  Three cabinets per side for both the home and visitor stands, and two cabinets were installed to give floor coverage on the court.  Low frequency extension was achieved with two double-eighteen sub-woofers that provide non stop bass that can be heard in every square foot of the facility.  Simple user control of the system is provided with two easy to use keypads.  

Video Reality then set forth to compliment the audio system with a video system.  The large bright gym provided a challenge in terms of having a large screen that was still bright enough to see with the lights fully on. With input from Superintendent Eccard, Video Reality installed a sixteen foot wide by 10 foot tall electric screen that gives every seat a great view.  To project an image that large in a bright gym, Video Reality installed an 8300-lumen projector.  


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