Nichols Hills Elementary

Nichols Hills Elementary completed a 10,200 square foot gymnasium able to withstand an EF-5 tornado in early 2016. PTA president, Brooke Kivett, contacted Video Reality to address the audio, video, and acoustic treatment projects. 

To maintain viewing angels from all areas, Video Reality provided a 222" electric screen and a 6700 lumen projector.  Teachers and instructors can easily show audio and video from multiple laptop input locations or a DVD player located in the rack.  Electro-Voice speakers and amplifier, in conjuction with a BSS processor handle all of the audio needs.  The entire system is easily controlled by a touchpanel mounted inside the wall mount rack.  

For parent pickup, the school requested a separate paging amplifier and speakers.  Teachers can wirelessly page students while they wait safely inside.  

While consulting on the project, Video Reality identified intelligibility concerns.  To address room reverberation and echo issues, Video Reality installed 56 4'x8' acoustic treatment panels.  Students can now clearly hear and understand every word spoken!

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